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About us:

KCI are providers of amazing student accommodation that is convenient, secured, thoughtful, fully furnished, and delightful. With our experience in rental accommodation, we are at your service to ensure your living environment is an enable for you academic achievements.

Our goal:

Our goal is to make sure that your journey though university has as few disruptions as possible. We take care of all your lodging needs. We aim to provide an environment that enables students to focus on their studies without having to sweat the small stuff.

Think About

House rules

  1.  Please use water sparingly
  2. Electricity is prepaid and costs approximately R100 a month
  3. Please protect you belongings by unplugging appliances when they are not in use
  1. Please be considerate of others around you
  2. No loud music after 20:00
  3. No shouting or running in the hallways
  4. Please make sure to keep shared spaces clean.
  1. Always keep your room neat and tidy
  2. Let us know if there are any damages you find in the room. You will be held accountable for any unreported damage found in your room once you vacate.
  3. Do not remove any furniture from your room without letting us know, or you will be charged for missing items.
  1. Keep your belongings safe KCI will not be held responsible for any losses, theft, or burglary
  2. Make sure to lock you room and close your windows when you are not present.
  3. A lost or stolen key can be replaced but it will be at your own cost.
  4. Do not tamper with security, you will be fined and held liable for all repair costs.
  1. The consumption of alcohol on the premises is forbidden.
  2. No drugs are allowed on the premises this includes marijuana.
  3. No smoking is allowed in the room, you can smoke on your balcony or outside at designated smoking areas.
  4. Security will check all incoming cars at the gate for drugs and alcohol.
  1. Only 1 visitor per tenant is allowed at a time
  2. All visitors are required to sign in with security with their ID present
  3. Visitors are not allowed in the building without the tenant being present
  4. Tenets are responsible for ensuring that their visitors behave appropriately while on the premises.
  5. If tenants want a guest to sleepover, they are required to fill in a guest sleepover form that will be found at the office.
  6. Only one guest is allowed to sleep over at a time.
  1. visitors may only sleepover for no longer than three nights in a row.
  1. No weapons.
  2. Group meetings and demonstrations need to be approved beforehand.
  3. Consent is needed before posters are put up or handed out.
  4. Failure to observe these rules will constitute a breach of your lease agreements and could lead to terminations of the lease with immediate effect
  5. Management reserves the right to make changes when deemed necessary.

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